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-+->Break Ups and Break Downs<-+- [entries|friends|calendar]
Diva and Deviant Dichotomy

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Still not dead... [22 Aug 2009|03:46pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Sup y'all... I'm still not dead.
I'm just absent. (What else is new?)

Jen's internet got shut off due to unpaid bills... so I'm sitting at the library currently.

I dont know if I said as much before or not, but I got a new cell phone. So texting is a go.
You are still free to call as well. I'm a lonesome wholesome.

I'm audutioning for a local production of "Fiddler on the Roof" tomorrow and sort of having major anxiety about it.
It's been AGES since I've even attempted anything like this...

I have to sing a sonng "in the traditional Broadway style" with an accompaniast. I dont read musical notation, nor do I possess any sheet music, so yeah. Drama.

I'm worried. I want a part, but I dont want to look like a dork.

I'm not worried about the acting bit, thats easy. But getting music across is something a trifle more difficult.

Well, I've gotta bounce. Mom's waiting outside and the time is limited on a public computer.

Send text messages of good luck to (608) 843-3689.
And call too!

Missing you like the deserts miss the rain, y'all!

Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

Holiday Cheers for Holiday Queers [23 Dec 2008|07:29pm]

Holiday Greetings and Seasons Beatings!

Lucy, Bettie and I wish you all the christmas/Hannakuh joys you can handle.
May the Fat Man treat you right.
->Miss AmAryka, And Lucy Too
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::rolls her eyes:: [17 Dec 2008|06:42pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I am so sick of the fucking Dom seduction attempts.
Especially on the internet.

All this talk of the new heights they are going to bring me to... all the boundries they are going to push...
I grow so very weary of it all.

I want to be like, "I've heard this before. Say something different."

The most that these people can hope for from me is friendship... and then maybe in the not-so-far-off future they get a scene or two with me and I decide if I like them enough to try to establish something further.

But really... all the threats? All the promisies of pain to come?
It's like telling me what you are going to do to me sexually and then coming at me with a 3inch penis.


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Touch my queer [11 Oct 2008|09:20pm]
Do it.
Do it hard.
Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

Nationally - today sucks [11 Sep 2008|05:11pm]
[ mood | awake ]

7 years ago sucked...

But 18 years ago the world reccieved a very lovely gift:

You are one of the most talented, creative, beautiful, and hilarious people that I am privilgaed to say that I sort of know on teh interwebz.

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Dude... [02 Sep 2008|08:43pm]
My fucking ass still hurts.

I need cheerz up.

(Stolen from flykanga)
Post three clues about yourself;
Post anonymously, of course (you might need to log out for a sec);
Let's see if I can't guess who you are.

Ps. You're allowed to tell me if I'm right or wrong :)
Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

Just a little punk chick rockin out! [27 Aug 2008|01:33pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

***I like to put on Misfits REALLY loud and rock out like a total goober. It makes me really happy.***

My birthday party is Friday. Jen already made a post about it. So you are safe FOR NOW!!! But you'd better be planning on making it down here. And making it sexy.
Cos a girl can only turn Sweet Sixteen so many times.

Of Geisha Dreams...Collapse )

It is all evidence of my Ugly Duckling Syndrome.
I *was* a weird chick in High School. (Hello - I still am.)
I wasn't THAT weird, but I was definitely an outcast and a lot of people didn't like me because they didn't "get me".

Now that I'm older and a lot more secure and comfortable with myself and my eccentricities and out of the situation where I felt pressured to change to fit in, it seems like people respond better to me.

But it never fails to weird me out when people respond to my physical appearance in a positive way. And want to hear about what I have to say because of it.

It's just so separate from my experiences in the past, you know?

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Picture [13 Aug 2008|02:16pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Can't talk now...Collapse )
Oh my dry humour is amazing.
(And so are my bangs.)

My sister's birthday party this weekend was FANTASTIC!
I didn't think I would ever end up oil wrestling, let alone enjoying it as much as I did.
It was so gooey and good!
Slippery and sexy.

The butt races were fun as well... and just the general oily mucky buisness.
I'd love to do it again!

MY BIRTHDAY is coming up too.
So mark your calenders and come out for drunken/silly hat bowling (if you come, you MUST wear a silly hat!) on August 30th!

8pm-(ish). Stoughton bowling Alley.
RSVP here. Or you can call me if you wanna. (608) 843-3689.

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FUCK YOU MYSPACE! [27 Feb 2008|05:06pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So, I was just censored on myspace again.
They deleted a picture of me on the toilet.
You can't see anything... But evidently SOMEONE found it offensive.

...Which boggles the mind, cos only my friends can see my pictures. And I dont imagine that anyone on my F-list would object to me dropping a Two on camera.
::raises an eyebrow:: Unless someone doesn't appreciate my sense of humour, in which case they should say something to ME about it, and not go whining to the Myspace Nazis.

This is the second time I've been censored in my photographs on myspace.
The last picture they had objections with was a picture from the Blood Drive photo shoot cortney (bitch/whore) and I did last year.
I had uploaded the one of my mouth covered in blood poised at her neck, with her mouth covered in blood looking all turned on and shit.
::rolls her eyes::

I understand that they are a website featuring many different types of people and need to uphold an enviorment safe for people of all ages and various idealogy of what constitutes socially acceptable material and laa dee fucking dah... but seriously???
A hot zombie on the can?
Hot girls engaging in vampire lesbianism?
Haven't you heard of artistic expression?

I'd like to say something about progressive forms of art being censored due to being deemed "obscene" by the forces that be... but I cant pretend that I'm that much of a visionary in temrs of something as artificial and lame as my MYSPACE profile.

I'm just very peeved at myspace.
And I'd like to slap them with a cod fish.
...But I'm sure some sexually repressed housewife would find that objectionable since it plays on her husband's fetish for fish.

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How kinky are YOU? [09 Jan 2008|01:26pm]
[ mood | content ]


I got a 497... which is a lot more than I expected.
Being as virginal as I am.


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sexy [29 Nov 2007|07:40pm]
Yahoo! Avatars
It's me!
It's me!
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"Because I love you..." [20 Oct 2007|02:36am]
Marcus washed my mouth out.
It was fine and hot.
Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

Because all the cool kids are doing it... [29 Sep 2007|03:25pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

If there is someone that you want to be tied up and humiliated by and just generally destroyed, for any reason, post this exact sentence in your journal.

Anna and Michelle did it first.
And everyone knows I'm nothing but a little follower.
Especially if the people who I'm following are as sexy as those two ladies! ;)

And Jinx gave me the letter "P". And I have to name ten things I love that start with that letter.
8.)Paradox (the word)
10.)Peppers (green)

Boo yeah.

Comment if YOU want ME to give you a letter.

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It's me! It's me! [20 Sep 2007|08:16pm]

Holy shit!
It's me!!
Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

Pick it OR flick it [04 Sep 2007|06:39pm]
...I'm totally hating my life right now.
For the simple fact that I cannot pick my nose.
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Ummm... [19 Jul 2007|09:22pm]
I've said it before, but I'll sat it again:
2 Told their own | Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

You're dumb [12 Jul 2007|06:11pm]
There is a girl on my friends list and every time I read her entries I just want to bitch slap her for being such a stupid girl.

Seriously. She is making all of the female race look really absurd and she should be shot.
2 Told their own | Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

Acarophilia [10 Jul 2007|09:38pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Acarophilia is a fetish for tickling.
People who are into this, usually have a dom who restrains the sub and then tickles them.

Popular areas of tickling indlude the armpits, thighs, and stomach.

So... what does it all mean?

If you like seeing SISTERS do this, come to SPANK2 and watch my sister tie me down and tickle me until I can't breathe.

I HATE to be tickled, so this is going to be hilarious.
I will squirm, giggle, fight it, and get pissed off.

So yeah... come to SPANK2 and watch my sister be a bitch to me.

PS: We're also trying to make it to Kinky Kollege.

Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

"You used to be hot, but now you're model hot!" [05 May 2007|07:26pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I'll make this short, sweet and to the point.
Cos I'm leaving in a minute...

I'm going to start modeling.

I met this d00d and he said that he would like to shoot me.
I'm going to let him.

Nothing naked, nothing too weird.
Just a little bondage photography with me as a more than willing subject.

I dont know when exactly this is all going to go down... I have to get to know the couple a little bit better before I will be comfortable letting them see me trying to be sexy (LOL!), but I'll let you know what is going on and what is happening as it happens.

I'm excited though.
I've always wanted someone to take pix of me being a little delightful girl.

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"Maybe we're crazy?" [06 Jan 2007|01:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Cortney and I were talking about all our psychosis and madness, our quirks and the way we respond to various situations...

We spoke of OTHER peoples responses and madness...

And we asked ourselves if maybe we are, in fact, crazy.
But the true question is: are we crazy in a good way?
Moreover, is it *possible* to be crazy in a good way?

1 Told their own | Gerard said, "We're all just telling stories."

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